Game Changer: Android and iOS smartphones

How many of your customers are using smartphones today? How many are using smartphones to access your website? Is your site optimized for these platforms?

These are important questions you need to be able to answer if you want to stay competitive today, even if you own a small local business! These tools can not only help make you stand out from your competition, but help you gain new clients and more effectively communicate with your customers. Did you know you can use your mobile app to inform users of specials and deals real time? Push notifications can give you instant access to your customers wherever they are!

The simple truth is that today, more users are using smartphones for everything. They check email and surf the web on these devices simply because they are there and convenient. If your website has flash or isn’t optimized for the mobile screens, you are already behind the competition.

If you communicate with your clients through email, you need to be aware of this as well. Pages in your email you send your clients to need to be “smartphone friendly”. We can help you do the analysis and design to make this work for you.