Game Changer: Social Media

Are you ‘Liked’ on Facebook?

Does your business have a Facebook page? How about a Facebook group? Are you aware of the differences and advantages each of these have and when you would pick one over the other? This is another area we can help you with this decision and help you begin building a presence on Facebook to allow you to build your brand and social media presence. BTW, if you were wondering, the difference between the two, here’s a few examples: users can interact within a group, a page only the page administrators can post updates, groups under 5,000 can blast email to it’s members, pages can’t, pages can host applications, and groups can’t. We can help you decide which is right for your business, help you develop a strategy ¬†and implement that strategy.

Twitter marketing

Twitter is turning into quite an amazing way to market your business and if you aren’t using it, your competition probably is. The question is, are they using it the right way? We will help you build a twitter following of people interested in your products and services, and help you effectively “tweet” your way to success.